So I said I would post a personal post. I may have even said I would have it up last week but with two little ones running around, a pre-teen going back to school, and working from home my life gets a little hectic! Anyways here it is just as I promised.

My husband doesn't always like getting pictures of me and the boys. I feel like I have a million pictures of them together and none of me. Typical right? Well this year I decided I wanted more pictures with them and I was just going to have to take them myself. I have even taken a couple self portraits as well. One you may have seen last week posted to facebook and instagram.

Dillon has the remote in this image above and would press the button and ask for a kiss. He loved being in control of my camera and the fact that he was taking the picture. Afterwards he would want to run to the camera to see if it turned out.

This picture sums up what its like having two almost three year olds. They seriously think I'm their personal jungle gym. Dillon has really warmed up to the idea of pictures but Wyatt not so much. He rarely sits for me and most of the time brings out the tear works to get out of taking any!

I snuck in a self portraits, or 10, before the boys caught me and wanted to take over.

This is wyatt giving me sweet kisses. I'm just happy to have him in a picture with just us!