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Maternity Session In The Water | Sacramento Maternity Photographer

"I don’t have any photos of my mama when she was pregnant with me in London so I can’t wait for Baby to grow up and see these." - Hetal

I wonder how many of us can relate to this comment left by this gorgeous mama-to-be. I definitely can! The only picture I have of my mom pregnant with me is her standing on a stair case with her pregnant friend.

Pregnancy is here and gone so fast. While we may feel like were pregnant forever it is only 9 short months. I loved being pregnant with my twins but I also remember thinking I wouldn't miss it. Boy was I wrong! I miss so much about my pregnancy. I'm so thankful I documented that time in my life.

I've met many women who regretted not investing in beautiful maternity portraits but I have never met a mama who regretted getting them done.


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