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What To Expect When Booking and Planning Your Maternity Session | Sacramento Maternity Photographer

1. Every Maternity Session Begins With A Phone Call

Every maternity session begins with a phone call. I know in todays world there is a lot of text messaging, dm's, and endless emails being sent but I like to really connect with my clients and make sure we're a good fit. I truly believe a phone is the best way to do that.

This phone call is brief but so important. I use this time to learn a bit more about you and your pregnancy. I like to ask questions about your due date and who you want to include in your maternity session. We may also touch on the topic of locations and extras I offer such as maternity dresses. The planning of your maternity session doesn't happen just yet! We'll schedule your consultation before we get off the phone and it's at that appointment we'll discuss the details of your maternity session.

2. The Consultation

The consultation is when we meet and begin planning all the fun details. We will go over my timeline and process. You will also get to see the beautiful print products I offer and start dreaming about the beautiful ways we can display your portraits.

Deciding on a date:

When should I have my maternity session? This is probably my most asked question and I always recommend scheduling your maternity session between 28-34 weeks but you shouldn't wait that long to book your session. You should consider scheduling your session after 16 weeks. Having your maternity session between 28-30 weeks might seem a little early to some but keep in mind some moms like to have there maternity session before their bellies get too big. And a mom who has already been pregnant will most likely show much sooner than a mom who is expecting her first baby.

Between 30-34 weeks is a perfect time too! I don't recommend scheduling them much later than that for multiple reason; due to weather, poor air quality (fire season), sickness, or for the fear that baby can come early. I never want an expectant mama to miss out on documenting this extremely important and fleeting time. I want to allow plenty of wiggle room and have the option to choose a new date if any issue were to arise.

Once the date is finalized, you pay your session fee, and sign your contract form then you're officially on my schedule! We then get to start planning all the fun details.

Sacramento maternity session with dress blowing in the air.

Choosing a location for your maternity session:

We can discuss locations and your vision for the session. (Please keep in mind some locations are seasonal but I promise we'll choose a location you love!) I have many beautiful locations I use for maternity sessions in and around the Sacramento area. We don't even have to make the final decision on a location during your consult but I do like to get a general idea of what you're hoping for.

Are you wanting a rural maternity session? Maybe you love green pastures, you might want to be near water, or maybe you have your own property and possibly animals you were hoping to include! This is the time to share these ideas with me.

DO you want city vibes instead? We can do that too mama! I'm here to help you plan a session that fits you and your style.

What to wear:

There are so many gorgeous maternity dresses to choose from! I think the first thing to consider is what color palette you have in your home. If you plan to display any of your maternity images on the wall I recommend you choose a complimentary color to go with your home for at least one outfit.

You can use some of the dresses I offer in my client closet or you can purchase your own! Either way I'm here to help you throughout the entire process. It does not cost you additional to use my dresses. I recommend you use 2-3 outfits during your maternity session.

If you choose to purchase some of your own I can recommend a few great dress companies!

A few of those are:

  • Sew Trendy

  • Chicaboo

  • Baltic Born

  • Pink Blush Maternity

If you have additional children or if you're husband will be joining your maternity session I will also help you plan their outfits. I might even have something in my closet for your little ones as well!

Print Products:

You will get to see all the beautiful print products I offer. We will go over the details and different ways enjoy each product. We won't make any final decisions on print products during the consultation. This is just to get you familiar with my product options before your ordering session.

Some of my favorite products are:

  • Gallery Wraps

  • Custom Glass Photo Boxes

  • Albums

Your Maternity Session:

By the time your session date has come we've planned your outfits, decided on a location and meeting time, and now we get to finally document this amazing time in your life! Mama, it is your time to shine! That cute baby bump needs to be documented.

I know if can be a little nerve-racking being in front of the camera but I promise to give guidance when needed and make you feel comfortable. I want every mama that steps in front of my camera to feel the most beautiful she has ever felt. After all you're creating life and that in and of itself is one of the most beautiful things we can do in our life!

Your Ordering Session:

This session typically takes place 1-2 weeks after your session. This is usually the first time you get to see any of your beautiful images. We go through and choose the ones you must have and then decide what to do with them. Remember those amazing products I mentioned earlier?

I know this may all seem over whelming but I promise to make it easy! This isn't my first time planning a maternity session and I'm only ever a call, text, or email away. You're always welcome to reach out any time you have a question.

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