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12 Reasons To Get Maternity Pictures Done | Sacramento Photographer

Congratulations Mama! If you're here it probably mean you're expecting and debating whether or not to document this precious time in your life. I'm here to tell you that you absolutely should and for many reasons!

1. I think we can all agree being pregnant is such a blessing! Yes, there may be some down sides such as morning sickness and not being able to tie out own shoes but the pregnancy in and of itself is such a blessing. What better way to document this blessing than with a maternity session?!

2. Believe it or not you will miss your baby bump! Yes, I know... you may be thinking "yeah right!" I will admit I was one of those people who didn't think I'd miss being pregnant. I will also admit that I miss it so much. Are there things I don't miss? Sure! I miss it more than I thought I would though. I miss the little kicks, the cute hiccups, and having my baby safe and with me at all times. I'm so thankful I have maternity pictures and videos to reminisce.

3. To include your spouse in your pregnancy! As we know, most of the pregnancy is focused on mom and baby... baby showers, doctor appointments, and most questions about baby are directed at mom. Scheduling a maternity session is a great way to include your spouse and make them feel more involved!

4. These are pictures you'll want to show your baby one day! I loved looking at pictures of my mom when she was pregnant with me. There is something so special about them! I also love comparing pictures of my maternity session with hers.

5. Pregnancy is so beautiful and you should feel that way! My goal is to always make you feeling and look beautiful when you're in front of my camera. I promise to give you guidance the entire time!

6. Booking your maternity session is am excuse to pamper yourself! Schedule hair and makeup! Go get your nails done with a friend or your mom. I even suggest you plan a nice dinner for after your session... you'll already be dressed up and ready to go!

7. Celebrate your changing body! Our bodies are absolutely amazing, right?! How cool is it that our bodies create life? Things are moving and making room for your precious baby and that should be documented! It always amazes me how round our bellies get. Just when you think they cant possibly grow anymore in there they do!

8. You can use the pictures from your maternity session to announce the the pregnancy, the gender, or even your baby's name!

9. If you already have a child or more than one this is a great way to document your family as it is before you add another member to the family. This also helps your little ones feel included and get even more excited about having a new baby brother or sister on the way!

10. To reminisce about your pregnancy years later! These portraits might bring back memories you had forgotten about. If you're anything like me then you think you'll remember everything but usually end up quite surprised at how much you actually forget especially when it comes to the little details.

11. Each pregnancy is unique! Even if you already have children and you've already had a maternity session you should still do another one. Often times the size and even the shape of our bellies is so different with each pregnancy. You may not have had little ones to include in your previous pregnancy but now you do.. the differences are endless.

12. You're worth documenting! We document so many things in our life with professional portraits such as childhood milestones, graduation, engagement, weddings... why wouldn't you want your pregnancy documented? It's worth documenting. Becoming a mother is one of the biggest and greatest decisions you can make and that is worth documenting.


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